FXHOME HitFilm Pro 14.0 Video Editing Software Download

FXHOME HitFilm Pro 14.0 Video Editing Software Download


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FXHome HitFilm Pro 14 - the all-in-one editor, compositor, and VFX powerhouse.

FXHome HitFilm Pro 14 combines video editing, visual effects and 3D compositing into one product. It includes advanced 3D tracking and model rendering, puppet tool and animation capabilities, cutting-edge audio, text and color grading tools, a powerful particle simulator and over 800 customizable visual effects and presets.

FXHome HitFilm Pro 14 – Editing:

  • Full Toolkit, Built To Last. HitFilm Pro contains a huge array of features providing amateurs and professionals everything they need to see a project through to the end. From editing and 3D compositing to particle effects, professional keying, 3D object rendering and much more.
  • Animation Station. Animation tools are no longer exclusive to Composite Shots and can be located in the Editor timeline. Having the power to animate from the Editor allows you to create and edit audio and video transitions without the need to create composite shots.
  • Audio Hard Limiter. Professional audio editing functionality allows you to normalize your audio without any need for external software.
  • Text. Creating text assets shouldn’t be limited to one timeline. HitFilm Pro lets you create text in the editor, and allows you to save that text as a preset for later use.
  • Audio-Syncing. By simply selecting multiple clips in the media panel, HitFilm will automatically sync the files.
  • Trimmer. You now have the power to re-trim your clips after adding them to the timeline. Double-clicking a clip sends it to the trimmer panel, ready for you to make the adjustments you need. Once the necessary changes have been made the clip on the timeline will be automatically updated.
  • Edit and Composite with Ease. Switching between your edit and visual effects shots is as quick as changing tabs in your web browser.

FXHome HitFilm Pro 14 – Workflow:

  • Threading the Needle. Whether you’re working on a VFX heavy project or just video editing on a small laptop, Threaded Rendering means the interface is no longer tied to your videos. With a significantly smoother and faster workflow, you can carry on with your edit whilst HitFilm renders in the background!
  • Less Waiting, More Creating. Enjoy fast playback thanks to 64-bit architecture and GPU-acceleration. More complex shots can be proxied in the background for higher performance while you keep working.
  • Power to the People. With Windows GPU Decoding now full implemented, Intel and Nvidia decoding is now significantly faster than ever before.
  • Works Even When You’re Not. HitFilm Pro’s export queue means that you can set up a list of edits and shots to export while you’re away from your desk.
  • Professional Formats. HitFilm Pro’s 8K support and RAM preview ensures the best possible quality for your projects. Work with footage from your smartphone or a high-end professional camera.
  • Layer and Track Locking. Easily lock layers and tracks to protect their contents and prevent them from being changed after completing your work. When a layer or track is locked, a lock icon will appear on the layer.
  • More Support. Text layers correctly support Asian characters. Not only can you copy and paste without issue but you can type directly into the textbox.
  • Multiple Streams. HitFilm allows you to import multiple streams of audio, giving you full flexibility over your workflow.

FXHome HitFilm Pro 13 – Visual Effects:

  • Text and Titling. HitFilm Pro comes with professional text and titling options. Add 3D geometry effects such as extrude, bevel and rotate to your text to create the look you want. The geometry supports lights, shadows and environments maps.
  • Oh Behave. Behavior Effects have been added with a whole array of possibilities. Rotate By Layer allows one layer to rotate by a specified multiplier of another layer’s rotation. Creating animated timepieces or orbiting planets has never been so simple.
  • Fire and Lightning. Procedurally generated fire and lightning with accurate behavior and appearance can be further enhanced with heat distortion and post-processed lighting effects.
  • 3D Model Update. Models can adopt mirror reflections. If you’re using HitFilm for product or corporate videos you can take a 3D model and create a complete and accurate mirror reflection for a realistic look. All animations are now cached allowing for a smooth playback every time.
  • World-Class Particle Engines. Create weather systems, grow your own cities or summon swarms of creatures - it’s all in HitFilm Pro, from grid patterns and fractally-warped, audio-influenced 3D forms to chaotic, physics-driven simulation.
  • Effects Just For You. 360° video specific effects have been added to the default effects list inside HitFilm Pro.
  • Picture in Picture. Picture in Picture (or PiP) is a highly common video style in online content. HitFilm provides a quick solution for this with the Picture in Picture effect, allowing you to position one clip inside another with different scales and position relative to the layer.
  • Vertical Video. Uploading vertical video shouldn’t be punishing - HitFilm provides support for vertical videos, creating a blurred version of the original video to use as a background so the video can seamlessly fit alternative aspect ratios.
  • An Infinity of Weapons. HitFilm Pro’s gunfire effect generates an endless variety of muzzle flashes, from pistols to miniguns. Unlike pre-rendered stock, these can be rotated in full 3D to work from any angle.
  • The Industry’s Most Extensive VFX Toolkit. Play with over 800 effects and presets, each of which can be pulled apart, altered and put back together again to create something entirely new.
  • Super Fast 3D Model Rendering. Animate objects and shoot with virtual cameras and lights, with real-time shadows, reflections and physically-based lighting producing super realistic results. Experience lightning-fast load times, film box support and added .FBX import.
  • All the Views. Take advantage of the updated 360° video viewer panel allowing you to view 360° video in its original state inside the trimmer alongside the adjusted version so that you can easily add VFX.
  • Unified 3D Space. Add new dimensions to your filmmaking by bringing together 3D layers, models and particle simulations in the same space. Create stunning user interfaces by layering 2D graphics directly inside a 3D model.
  • Any Title, Any Time. HitFilm Pro contains the 3D Object and Title Studio plugin from Boris FX for titling, ensuring that your opening titles will hook your audience right from the start. Create advanced 3D text, professional end credits and lower thirds with ease.
  • OpenFX Plugins Compliant. You can never have too many effects. That’s why HitFilm Pro is an expandable platform with OpenFX compatibility, so that you can use your favorite plugins from other developers like Red Giant.
  • 3D Camera Projection. Take an ordinary 2D photo and convert it to a projected, photo-real 3D scene complete with camera movement.
  • Academy-Award Winning Planar Tracking. Imagineer system’s Mocha HitFilm plugin is included with HitFilm Pro for long-distance planar tracking and sophisticated camera solving for handheld and moving shots. No more tedious rotoscoping.
  • Specialized Effects. Make raging fires swallow cities with HitFilm Pro’s range of heat, energy, fluid and smoke distortion effects for added realism. Use the Neon path effect for life-like neon sign graphics.
  • Green Screen Removal. Advanced chroma key, matte cleaning, spill suppression and auto light wrap combine with sophisticated 2D and 3D layering to create green screen composites so realistic your audience will never even know.
  • Organic Particle Shapes. Create awe-inspiring particle clouds based on 2D shapes or 3D geometry, then warp them into organic forms with extensive fractal distortion. You can even mix in an audio clip to automate the animation.
  • 3D Camera Tracking from Foundry. HitFilm Pro includes powerful tracking technology from Hollywood heavyweights Foundry. Using a high-tech algorithm, the 3D camera tracker offers a quick and simple way to configure ground planes and solve your shot. It can even estimate lens distortion of a tracked clip and allow you to flatten or re-distort it!

FXHome HitFilm Pro 13 – Color Grading:

  • Scopes. Use layer-specific Vectorscopes, Waveforms and Histograms to take your color correction and grading to another level.
  • High-End Pipeline. Work with the best using HitFilm Pro support for 8K projects and 32-bit floating color.
  • Look Spectacular. HitFilm Pro’s professional color grading kit is packed with tools including curves and intuitive color wheels. From subtle enhancements to dramatic stylistic statements, HitFilm’s effects and presets are designed to make your movies look incredible.
  • More than Just a Lens Flare. Mix and adjust flares, anamorphic streaks, light leaks, sparkling highlights, volumetric 3D light rays and high quality glows to enhance your cinematography.
  • Retro Glitch. Grunge effects make your video look like old film stock or a bad television signal. Break up your playback with jitters and stutters, introduce flicker and grain or even add procedural dirt to your camera lens.
  • Repair Broken Footage. Remove unwanted digital grain from your videos, fix jello-vision caused by rolling shutter cameras, stabilize jittery handheld shots and remove distortion from fisheye lenses.

FXHome HitFilm Pro 14 – System Requirements:

  • Mac OSX 10.13 High Sierra, OSX 10.12 Sierra, OSX 10.11 El Capitan
  • Windows Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Intel Xeon (Nehalem) or AMD equivalent
  • Hard Disk Space - 1200MB
  • RAM - 4GB (8 GB Recommended)
  • Internet Connection required for online activation

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